Naming Convention

Welcome to the Naming Convention. Please proceed into the hall, pick up your welcome packet, help yourself to refreshments, have a seat and at 8:30 AM, we’ll begin with giving everyone a name!

Eh, software coding naming conventions. I started my learning with mainframe languages at school, and learned PC programming languages at work. Function and variable naming conventions. They’re such a thing ya know.

Anyhow, it’s taken a few years, like 5, I think, when I first encountered someone in a C# article suggesting it proper to use an underscore ” _ ” to precede variable names. Like I said, it took a few years but, today, I’ve decided that they’re UGLY as HELL. Only one project I have that uses it and I hate looking at them. The eyes and mind actually have to take a few milliseconds to process them. Why would I want to do that when I’m already working with a programming language that’s not as terse as C but, well, after long hours, can be as terse as walking through a dead forest with nothing but dead branches all up in your face scratching your eyeballs out.

So, goodbye _oUglyVarName and __oYuckyVariableNamingConvention.  Hello, goVarName and lngVarName.  To the C# dude that recommended the underscore, ugh, that wasn’t kool bruh.


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